DRTPA 2016 Finals announced for September 16-18, 2016 in Hattiesburg, MS
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Once again we have come to the end of an exciting team penning year for 2014-15. Thanks to all the members who supported Dixie Region Team Penning Association by attending five (5) or more shows to qualify to participate in the 2015 DRTPA Finals.  Also thanks to the families who support Dixie Region by producing the sanctioned shows.  If it was not for the people who give of their time to produce the shows throughout the year, we would not be able to get anyone qualified for the finals.

The 2015 DRTPA Finals were held in Hattiesburg, MS on September 18-20, 2015.  Thanks to Sonya Buckner for again choosing outstanding awards for the year-end show, the Board of Directors for successfully keeping the show running smoothly and making sure everyone had a wonderful weekend, and Cindy Chesney for coordinating the Banquet.  With over $60,000 in paybacks and awards everyone had the opportunity to take home some good paychecks.

The March show has been moved from Cordova, TN to Batesville, MS

Check out the 2015-16 Schedule of Events and mark your calendar to get qualified for the 2016 DRTPA Finals. You only have to attend five (5) shows and ride a minimum of six (6) times in each of the shows to qualify to participate in the DRTPA Finals each year.  Riders who participate in seven (7) or more sanctioned events are awarded a year-end jacket or other award.  Also, if a member participates in eight (8) or more sanctioned events that member is awarded a buckle or other award in addition to the jacket.

We hope you will come join us for an exciting 2016 DRTPA season and a Finals of Great Paybacks, Awards, Banquet, and some of the greatest people in the team penning and sorting sport.  We look forward to you becoming a part of the Dixie Region Team Penning family.